Furyan started spinning hard dance and Hardcore records at the age of 18 by the name of Charly S, quickly gaining him a residency in one of Rotterdam’s biggest clubs, Hollywood Music Hall. His excellent taste for music and feeling with his crowd made him one of the most popular young DJ’s in the Rotterdam area, giving him the opportunity to play huge events such as Hard Bass and back2school.

Since 2009, Furyan has been focussing entirely on his biggest passion: Hardcore! Kicking off with his debut solo release on the mighty Rotterdam Records in 2010, more releases quickly followed before finally joining the world-renowned Neophyte Records in 2013. Over the past few years, Furyan has gone from strength to strength in the studio, dropping hits such as Rugged, Bombshell, Slapeloosheid and Teknology among many others, becoming one of the Dutch label’s most active producers and also featuring on no less than 3 This is Hardcore albums.

Being no stranger to the crowd, Furyan’s acclaimed on-stage presence has earned him some of the biggest spots any Hardcore artist can aim for. Dominator, Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Ground Zero, Harmony of Hardcore are just a few highlights in an endless list of memories behind the decks. His music also takes him around the world, having performed in counties such as Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and more!

The future of this gifted Hardcore maestro is set to be an exciting one. With an unfaltering dedication to his craft in the studio shining through with each and every unforgettable performance, it’s clear to see Furyan is already climbing to the top of his respective scene at an unstoppable pace.

Latest Releases

Various Artists - Neophyte Records Sampler Vol. 5
Various Artists
Neophyte Records Sampler Vol. 5
The Viper - Venom Injection Part 1
The Viper
Venom Injection Part 1
Furyan - Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

Latest Videos

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Furyan - Money Maker (NEO180)
Furyan - Money Maker (NEO180)
Furyan & Korsakoff - Harmony
Furyan & Korsakoff - Harmony

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