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After his huge release “Around The World” the restless hardcore master Kasparov returns on the mighty Neophyte imprint with another uncompromising piece of work! In order to the upcoming event ‘Vendetta – The 5th Gathering’ Kasparov was asked to produce the official anthem we can surely say the man did an amazing job on it… 

‘The 5th Gathering’ is a brutal track which will satisfy all hardcore lovers out there, relentless distorted kickdrums and eardrum cutting synth lines bring you down to the awesome breakdown where dark vocals introduce the magnificent main theme of the track, bursting into a unprecedented explosion of raw energy. A terrific anthem which again shows the excellent technical skills of Kasparov. This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser everywhere it will be played! 

On top of this, Kasparov offers a splendid bonus track named ‘Living The Dream’ which is already in popular demand due to the fact is was featured on the ‘This Is Hardcore’ compilation. ‘Living The Dream’ is a striking track with an old school twist, the cool sample use and the incredibly catchy hook give it an exhilarating positive buzz. A basic yet deadly effective track which is already supported by all main hardcore dj’s worldwide. So do not miss out on this 71st Neophyte release, this is another winner!

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