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Almost 20 years ago the hardcore world was shocked due to the release of the first Neophyte production ‘The Three Amiga’s E.P.’. This classic release was the harbinger of the unlimited quality releases that would follow. In no time Neophyte became one of the most respected hardcore formations worldwide, always offering top notch quality, extreme originality and pure dedication to all forms of hardcore music. 

After releasing loads of stunning releases on leading labels like Rotterdam Records, Terror Traxx and Traxtorm Records the creative minds of Neophyte started up their own Neophyte Records label in 1999. Since then Neophyte developed to a mighty international hardcore brand. Besides producing and releasing their own music Neophyte also guided new talents to develop their skills, giving them the chance to release their music on the world’s leading label in hardcore music. 

Now 20 years later Neophyte is a full grown, totally independent brand with hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers worldwide. Besides the productions and record label they publish music, have their own booking agency and carry their own exclusive merchandise line. 

Therefore we are thrilled to announce that Neophyte has taken the next step into the future with their own webshop:

This brand new digital store is of course created for the fans, giving them the possibility to order their favorite Neophyte related items in an easy way. Everything’s available, from 12”-es, cd’s and dvd’s to t-shirts, caps and jackets. All Neophyte related material is available through the shop, so you are also able to grab the music and merchandise from artists like Evil Activities, Tha Playah and DJ Panic at the Neophyte Shop. 

The very good thing is that you are now able to order your goodies straight from the ‘core’, so no third parties between the fans and the Neophyte team. This will guarantee the dedicated fans of Neophyte that they will receive only the official Neophyte products and merchandise for a fair price. No bootlegging, no bullshit, just top notch quality and service as you can expect from the Neophyte crew. 

So don’t hesitate any longer and visit and get your merchandise straight from the core, enjoy!

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