Neophyte Records presents: Worldwide Anarchy


A group of high-ranking officials are executing an aggressive revolution. Intel suggests they have amassed a squad of elite mercenaries to facilitate their coup, including the most notorious individuals under investigation by the global authorities. We have confirmation they have access to vast resources, unprecedented support and are moving into every nation on the planet. A recent communications intercept describes their true hostility towards our current state of affairs.


"WORLDWIDE ANARCHY" is the next chapter in the devastating resume of legendary Hardcore label Neophyte Records. With more than eighteen years of existence, over 150 releases and countless captured stages & venues, the label has made an indefinite mark upon Hardcore music. Now, all members of the imprint, both legendary veterans and young blood, step up to create what the world needs the most: global Hardcore freedom, in the form of total anarchy.

Expect the most relentless club nights, devastating stage takeovers at major festivals, a high-impact monthly podcast, special EP releases and much more.

Expect Worldwide M****ing Anarchy!

Joining the label on this conquest of destruction are: Neophyte, Evil Activities, Tha Playah, Nosferatu, Furyan, Tieum, D-Fence, Kasparov, Icha, Restrained, The Punisher & MC Alee

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Phrenetikal B-DAY : The Punisher & Broken Minds at Sala Golfus
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