This Is Hardcore at The Qontinent & Q-BASE - Megamix by The Viper


Hardcore lunatics, we are calling upon you to become a part of our movement this summer. 

Our goal is simple; show others the hardcore way of life. On Saturday the 10th of August we will host the “Valley of the Lost” area at this year’s edition of The Qontinent, but we’ve also got something else up our sleeve. Moving on to September, we will join Q-dance on Saturday the 7th at Airport Weeze (Germany) for Q-BASE!  

We need you to get as many people involved in these parties as possible, so The Viper has prepared a special mix for This is Hardcore. We’ve added some great footage showing thousands of dedicated fans and artists going insane at a variety of parties. Use this video to spark a passion for hardcore in someone you know and we’ll do the rest at The Qontinent & Q-BASE! 

This video will show the world what we are really about. This is Hardcore. 

For more infos / Tickets and travel about The Qontinent and Q-BASE visit: 

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